A collection of Needham Studios Stained Glass split into 8 categories. These photos were difficult to get together, but well worth the trouble. Virtually all of the glass panels shown within this portfolio were custom designed. There is great variety of styles, fixtures and colors for you evaluate our artistry. We welcome and value your questions and comments and hope that we leave a lasting impression.


Unique designs for individual taste and specific architectural styles, designing stained glass. Our experience provides liquidity to your imagination.

Doors, Sidelights, and Transoms

Stained glass entries to match your architectural style, and personal taste.

Tiffany Lamp Shades

Tiffany lamp reproductions said to look almost, if not completely identical to original Tiffany Studios Lamps.


A collection of stained glass crafted to meet the needs of Businesses large or small.

Restoration and Repair

Whatever the problem, we can restore it to its original condition. You wont be able to tell it was ever damaged!


Stained glass designed with consideration to the buildings architecture, taste of the congregation and the spiritual statement you wish to portray.

Hanging and Autonomous

Framed stained glass for hanging where ever your heart desires.

Railroad Memorabilia

Our vintage Railroad Heralds reproduced with stained glass have become familiar sights at western railroad shows.