Every single one of our stained glass commissions is absolutely unique and catered to the clients specific wants and needs. Customization is our passion and this passion reflects onto our custom stained art glass. There are many factors that can decide the success of any given stained glass application. We at Needham Studios use our great experience to address these factors.

Custom Design Process

After discussing the project with you, and visiting the job site or obtaining digital images, you are provided a rough estimate. If you feel that the estimate is within your comfort zone, we charge a non-refundable design fee which is deductible from the cost of the finished window. This fee buys you time for Needham Studios to develop a rough concept for your approval. Once approved, a complete full color scale drawing of the installation is drafted for your approval. You can be 100% certain that the window will come out as expected and that you will not be surprised in the end. Only after you are comfortable with the drafts and the pricing will we begin on the project. 50% of the balance is due to start the project with the remainder upon successful completion of the work.

Client’s Sketch

Needham Studio’s Draft

Final Stained Glass Panel


Needham Studios uses a bidding system that takes into account three main variables when appropriating an estimate.

  1. Design and Layout, the process of reaching a conclusive design.
  2. Labor, determined by complexity and/or the number of pieces of stained glass needed to be cut
  3. Materials, a square footage price based on the type of glass relative to the complexity of the window.



Applications are designed in complement of the location’s architectural style, as well as your own taste. We design and cut stained glass panels for entryways, sidelights, doors and cabinet windows, transoms, bathroom windows, room dividers, skylights, leaded lamps, tiffany lamps and practically any application imaginable. Check out the stained glass gallery for great art glass examples and inspirations.

Design Variables

A myriad of different design elements are considered before the project is started or even drafted. There are always differences, variables in each individual application. Of these countless variables are considerations of available light, privacy, exposure, view through glass, distance from observer, architectural style, the colors, textures and the density of the glass being used. A high priority in our stained glass design process is your personal preferences and taste. We pride in our ability to provide custom designed stained glass and our portfolio exemplifies this passion.


We are capable of adapting or expanding on our clients styles or even conforming to a specific traditional style, such as Victorian. Our ‘trademark’ designs are stained glass inspired by our lush and hilly Northern Californian environment.